Part of Valley Fellowship’s core values is “Extending Outreach.” One way we desire to do this is by following Jesus’ command to “go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:19-20 NIV). Valley Fellowship partners and supports missionaries all over the world that believe in this message. From Africa to the Amazon jungle, we send teams, food, clothing, money, and many other essential items in order to meet the needs of the impoverished peoples of the world. We believe that when we plant a seed into the ministry of missionaries around the world, we get to share in the blessing of the reward. 

Tanzania, East Africa


Rev. Eric J. Mukwenda 
Senior Pastor, Maranatha Christian Center and overseer of Maranatha Christian Center churches. 

Eric Mukwenda was born in Dar-Es-Salaam City, Tanzania, East Africa. Eric received Christ as his personal savior (born again) after rejecting the "good news" for a long time.
Eric attended a student’s Christian conference in Dodoma where he received a prophecy given by two women, that he had to be born again and that God had a plan to use him for ministry. Eric rejected what he was told and said, "I have no need for God to use me." As he was on the train from conference to Dar-es-Salaam, he had a vision where he saw many people surrounding him telling him he must be saved (born again). In the morning, a Voice continued to speak in his heart. When he got home, he began to preach to his relatives and confessed that there is salvation in Jesus Christ. He went to believers who led him in prayer of repentance. And it was interesting when he reached Tanga region, where he was studying. He found a letter from those women who gave him a prophecy in the Dodoma. The letter was saying that, "we know by now, that you have accepted the Lord". He was zealous for the Lord from the first day of his salvation. 

Eric started to sense God’s calling in his life just a few months after he was saved. In 1984 God spoke to him in his heart through Isaiah 41:8-16. After that he experienced God speaking to him about his calling, through visions and an audible voice. He received confirmation from other servants of God, believers that were sent to him by God to tell him about entering a full time ministry. In 1986 Eric sensed God speaking to him about entering full time ministry. This was a time of struggle in his heart as he was supposed to attend a college, but now came this direction to go to full time ministry. After much struggle, he said to God, "I am going to go to college". While I am there confirm to me if it is time for full time ministry. I will quit college and go into ministry. When he arrived at the college of Co-operative Studies and Development, he had no peace in his heart. He felt empty inside. There was a Christian woman at college who did not know anything about Eric. She prophesied to Eric at one of the prayer meetings saying that the Lord says, "You are running away from His calling." Eric trembled. He decided to obey the Lord. He did not need any more confirmation. 

Eric began full time ministry in September of 1986 as an itinerary evangelist. He preached gospel crusades in different parts of Tanzania. He became an assistant pastor in 1987. After being examined and found qualified, he was ordained on September 21, 1988. 

In 1990, he founded Maranatha Christian Center with 20 to 25 people and it has now grown to over 400 people, with several branch churches, different ministries, and a Christian school. Pastor Eric, apart form pastoring, preaches in regular services and conducts seminars and revival in churches in Tanzania. He travels to preach in gospel crusades in different parts of Tanzania. He has traveled to minister in Kenya and the United States of America. And Canada. In 1984, he received a vision from the Lord about going to different nations to minister. 



Uganda, West Africa

Pastor Nassan Ibrahim is a powerful minister in Nairobi, Kenya. Pastor Nassan experienced a major change in his life when 1983 he converted from being Moslem to receiving Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Upon this conversion, Pator Nassan begged God to allow him to take this good news to other Muslims in Uganda.

The ministry began with his first small church in Lake Katwe. He graduated from Karen Bible College in Nairobi, Kenya 1990 and continued to minister at Lake Katwe. In 1996 he established and constructed Grace Cathedral in Kasese, now having over 1200 members.

In 2002 The Lord gave him a vision to begin Grace Radio, the first Christian Radio station in Western Uganda. This station now transmits the gospel throughout a 200 mile radius in Western Uganda, Tanzania and Congo, reaching 8 to 9 million people. He believes that God is leading him to add additional towers to extend Grace Radio's influence to an additional 2 million people. In July 2006 open air crusades were begun to establish Daystar Cathedral in Mbarara. The current congregation of 2,500 is presently housed in a temporary structure while a permanent Daystar church home is under construction.

Pator Nassan is devoted to carrying out God’s plan for his life. Now He has personally established two other larger churches, is the overseer of 180 additional churches, and leads numerous other ministry projects around Nairobi.




Kenya, Africa

Pastor Charles and Akiiki Muyu are pastors and leaders that have worked throughout East Africa for over 20 years. The Muyu’s have a tremendous passion for God’s word and are empowered by the Holy Spirit to evangelize, teach, preach, and pray for deliverance and healing. The goal of the Muyu’s ministry is to build, develop, and advance the kingdom of God.

Pastor Muyu was born in Ukambani, Kenya and grew up as a child of a farmer who was also a preacher. From a young age, Pastor Charles felt God’s call on his life and became involved in the spreading of the gospel. Pastor Charles attended a Christian School as a young boy and later went to International Bible Training Institute in Sussex, England. He also attended Central Bible College in Springfield Missouri, in the States.

The Muyu’s are a dynamic couple that desires to bring the message of Jesus Christ across their nation. Throughout their ministry, over 250 churches have been started. The Muyu’s ministry includes a wide variety of aid to the poor and needy as well s drilling for water in drought –stricken areas. Valley is privileged to continue to support this tremendous ministry! 

To learn more about Charles Muyu and his ministry, visit 



Colombia, South America


George González was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia and received the Gospel from a missionary at age seven. He graduated from Christ for the Nations Institute in 1982 and joined Calvary International, Jacksonville, Florida in 1985. He then directed the Christ to the World Bible School in Quito Ecuador where he trained workers and leaders, conducted seminars and pastored missionaries. He has trained Church leaders and pastors in 8 Latin American countries, including Cuba and Nicaragua. He has significant experience conducting medical and evangelical outreaches. He has translated, printed and distributed thousands of pieces of Christian reading material including handbooks and tracts throughout his travels.


For the last 11 years he has focused on the un-reached people groups of the Amazon jungle in Colombia, Perú and Brazil and has established the Amazon Xpeditions Outreach, Inc. based in Dallas, TX.



Guatemala, Central America

April Clark became a Christian in 1999, and shortly thereafter, began attending Valley Fellowship Church.   She worked in the office there for six years, during which time she was mentored by Pastor Greg and Patti Simon.  She went on her first mission trip to Guatemala in 2005, and then again in 2006.  During this trip, the team was working at an orphanage called Casa Angelina.  After the mission trip, April began to pray and seek God about returning to the orphanage to do an internship.    In 2007 she returned to Guatemala to work at Casa Angelina for one year.  During that year, she began attending Iglesia Del Camino, a bilingual church in Antigua, Guatemala and later became the worship leader of the church.  After finishing her time at Casa Angelina, the pastor of her church in Antigua asked her to come to work for the church as the director of the English Foreign Language program, which offers free English lessons to the community.  So she returned to Alabama to raise support, and then joined the staff of Iglesia Del Camino in August, 2008.  She enjoys teaching English in Antigua and Pastores, as well as volunteering for local outreaches and just being available to help out in different ministries whenever the opportunity presents itself.



Spain, Western Europe


Hal Ward is a native of Florida and grew up in Huntsville, Alabama. He studied History and Spanish at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama and holds a Masters degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. Hal felt called to missions as a college student while serving as a summer missionary to Cuzco, Peru.

Jane (Nolan) Ward is a native of Winnipeg, Canada and is a graduate of Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas with a specialization in Pioneer Missions.  She came to CFNI after touring with Youth With A Mission’s “Toymaker & Son” in Canada and Central America. Jane is an accomplished singer & songwriter and produced, along with her husband Hal, “Euskal Praise”, the first CD of Christian music in the Basque language.

About Vino Nuevo Ministry

Vino Nuevo Ministry is a multi-faceted mission ministry focused on reaching the post-modern, secularized and religion weary people of Spain and Spain’s northern “Basque Country.” We also minister internationally in other European countries and Latin America.

“And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. If he does, the new wine will burst the skins, the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined. No, new wine must be poured into new wineskins.” Luke 5:37

Vino Nuevo Ministry is establishing new ministries to meet the challenges of the new generation. Since 1996 our primary focus has been the city of Pamplona, Spain in the province of Navarra. Spain is nominally Roman Catholic with very low church attendance. Less than 1% of the population is evangelical. Pamplona is the cradle of the Basque language and civilization and home to the prestigious University of Navarra. We also work with churches and ministries in other Spanish cities in the Basque region such as San Sebastian, Vitoria and Bilbao. Vino Nuevo Ministry has reached out to the entire nation of Spain, ministering in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia & Seville and regions such as Extremadura, Galicia, Catalonia and Andalucía. Vino Nuevo has also ministered in other countries such as Morocco, Holland, Belgium, France, Guatemala, Equatorial Guinea & India.


Missions International


Dr. Bob Mason is the founder and president of Missions International.  The primary purpose and vision of Missions International is building churches among the indigenous people groups who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ and have no facilities or monetary means of building their own sanctuaries. This ministry raises teams of individuals from American churches to accompany Bob on mission trips to build these churches in foreign lands.  Medical teams also accompany the construction teams providing health care that is not available to these forgotten tribes.

Students and members of Valley Fellowship Church and Christian Academy have had the privilege for the past several years to accompany Dr. Mason to Casa Angelina, an orphanage and school in Guatemala, to minister to orphans and families.


Glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ and expanding His kingdom in the Tennessee Valley and throughout the world.
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